Selected publications of B.K. Davis

Davis, B.K., 2014, Use and Abuse of Oriented Drill Core.   AusIMM Monograph 30: Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve Estimation — The AusIMM Guide to Good Practice, second edition, p. 121-134.

Davis, B.K. and Cowan, E.J., 2012, Oriented Core - What the ... ?, Structural Geology and Resources, International Symposium Abstract Volume (ed: J. Vearncombe), Australian Institute of Geoscientists Bulletin.
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Davis, B.K., Blewett, R.S., Squire, R., Champion, D.C., Henson, P.A., 2010. Granite-cored domes and gold mineralisation: architectural and geodynamic: controls around the Archaean Scotia-Kanowna dome, Kalgoorlie Terrane, Western Australia. Precambrian Research, 183,316-337.

Davis, B.K. and Maidens, E., 2003. Archaean orogen-parallel extension: evidence from the northern Eastern Goldfields Province, Yilgarn Craton. Precambrian Research, 127, 229-248.

Davis, B.K., Bell, C.C., Lindsay, M., and Henderson, R.A., 2002. A Single Syn-Orogenic Permian Episode of Gold Mineralization in the Hodgkinson Province, North Queensland, Australia. Economic Geology, 97, 311-323.

Davis, B.K., Hickey, K.A., and Rose, S., 2001. Superposition of Au-mineralization on pre-existing carbonate alteration: Structural evidence from the Mulgarrie gold deposit, Yilgarn craton. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 48, 131-14

Davis, B.K., Pollard, Lally, J.H., McNaughton, N.J, Blake, K., and Williams, P.J., 2001. Deformation history of the Naraku Batholith, Mt Isa Inlier, Australia: Implications for pluton ages and geometries from mapping of the Dipvale Granodiorite and Levian Granite. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 48, 113-129

Hippertt, J.F.M. and Davis, B.K., 2000. Dome emplacement and formation of macroscale synclines in a granite-greenstone terrain (Quadrilatero Ferrifero, southeastern Brazil). Submitted to Precambrian Research, 102, 99-112.

Davis, B.K. 1997. Country rock structural fabrics as a guide to pluton emplacement depth: an example from the Hodgkinson Province, northeastern Australia. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 44, 789-797.

Davis, B.K. and Hippertt, J.F.M., 1997. Relationships between gold concentration and structure in quartz veins from the Hodgkinson Province, northeastern Australia. Mineralium Deposita, 33, 391-405.

Davis, B.K., 1996. Biotite porphyroblast nucleation and growth: control by microfracture of pre-existing foliations in schists in the Robertson River Metamorphics. Geological Magazine, 133, 91-102.

Davis, B.K., 1995. Regional-scale foliation reactivation and re-use during formation of a polydeformational fold in the Robertson River Metamorphics, north Queensland, Australia. Tectonophysics, 242, 293-311.

Davis, B.K., 1994. Synchronous syntectonic granite emplacement in the South Palmer River region, Hodgkinson Province, Australia. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 41, 91-103. 

Davis, B.K. and Forde, A., 1994. Regional slaty cleavage formation and fold axis rotation by re-use and reactivation of pre-existing foliations: the Fiery Creek Slate Belt, North Queensland. Tectonophysics, 230, 161-179

Forde, A. and Davis, B.K., 1994. Crack-reaction veins from the Hodgkinson Formation, North Queensland, Australia. Geological Magazine, 131, 49-56.

Davis, B.K., 1993. Mechanism of emplacement of the Cannibal Creek Granite with special reference to timing and deformation history of the aureole. Tectonophysics, 224, 337-362.

Bell, T.H., Johnson, S.E., Davis, B.K., Forde, A., Hayward, N. & Wilkins, C., 1992. Porphyroblast inclusion-trail orientation data: eppure non son girate!, Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 10, 295-307.

Selected publications of E.J. Cowan

Vollgger S.A., Cruden A.R., Ailleres, L. and Cowan, E.J., 2015, Regional dome evolution and its control on ore-grade distribution: insights from 3D implicit modelling of the Navachab gold deposit, Namibia. Ore Geology Reviews, 69, p. 268-284.

Cowan, E.J., 2014, Geological Interpretation and Geological Modelling. AusIMM Monograph 30: Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve Estimation — The AusIMM Guide to Good Practice, second edition, p. 137-143.

Cowan, E.J., 2014, ‘X-ray Plunge Projection’— Understanding Structural Geology from Grade Data. AusIMM Monograph 30: Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve Estimation — The AusIMM Guide to Good Practice, second edition, p. 207-220.

Haddow, D.J. and Cowan, E.J., 2014, Practical Implicit Dyke Modelling — Newmont Boddington Gold, Western Australia. AusIMM Monograph 30: in Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve Estimation — The AusIMM Guide to Good Practice, second edition, p. 221-228.

Vollgger, S.A., Cruden, A.R. and Cowan, E.J., 2013, 3D implicit geological modelling of a gold deposit from a structural geologist’s point of view. Extended Abstract, 12th SGA Biennial Meeting, 12-15 August 2013, Uppsala, Sweden. 

Cowan, E.J., 2012, The Deposit Model Paradox, Structural Geology and Resources 2012 - Extended Abstracts Volume (ed: J. Vearncombe), Australian Institute of Geoscientists Bulletin 56, p. 48-49.

Vollgger, S.A., Cruden, A.R. and Cowan, E.J., 2012, Structural Geology Meets 3D Implicit Deposit Modelling.  Structural Geology and Resources 2012 - Extended Abstracts Volume (ed: J. Vearncombe), Australian Institute of Geoscientists Bulletin 56, p. 177-179. 

Vollgger, S.A., Saumur, B.M., Cowan, E.J. and Cruden, A.R., 2012. Implicit 3D geological modelling applied to structurally complex mineral deposits - it’s all about geometry. In Proceedings of the 34th International Geological Congress 2012, 5-10 August 2012,  Brisbane, Australia, p. 3316.

Cowan, E.J., Spragg, K.J. and Everitt, M.R., 2011, Wireframe-free Geological Modelling – An Oxymoron or a Value Proposition? In: Eighth International Mining Geology Conference Proceedings.  AusIMM Publication Series No 8/2011, p. 247–259.

Knight, R.H., Lane, R.G., Ross, H.J., Abraham, A.P.G. and Cowan, E.J., 2007, Implicit Ore Delineation. In: Proceedings of Exploration 07:Fifth Decennial Conference on Mineral Exploration (Editor B. Milkereit), p. 1165-1169.

Cowan, E.J., Lane, R.G., Ross,H.J., 2004, Leapfrog's implicit drawing tool: a new way of drawing geological objects of any shape rapidly in 3D. In: Mining Geology 2004 Workshop (Eds M.J. Berry and M.L. Quigley), Australian Institute of Geoscientists Bulletin 41, p. 23-25.

Cowan, E.J., Beatson, R.K., Ross, H.J., Fright, W.R., McLennan, T.J., Evans, T.R., Carr, J.C., Lane, R.G., Bright, D.V.,Gillman, A.J., Oshust, P.A. and Titley, M., 2003, Practical Implicit Geological Modelling, Fifth International Mining Geology Conference Proceedings (Editor, S. Dominy).  AusIMM Publication Series No 8/2003, p. 89–99. Reproduced with the permission of Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

Cowan, E.J., Beatson, R.K., Fright, W.R., McLennan, T.J. and Mitchell, T.J., 2002, Rapid Geological Modelling: Applied Structural Geology for Mineral Exploration and Mining International Symposium Abstract Volume (Ed. S. Vearncombe) Australian Institute of Geoscientists Bulletin, 36: 39-4. Proceedings of the International Structural Conference held in Kalgoorlie Western Australia, 23–25 September 2002. Extended abstract (extended from the original abstract with coloured figures from the poster).

Cowan, E.J., 1999, Magnetic fabric constraints on the initial geometry of the Sudbury Igneous Complex: a folded sheet or a basin-shaped igneous body? Tectonophysics 307, p. 135-162.

Cowan, E.J., Riller, U., and Schwerdtner, W.M., 1999, Emplacement geometry of the Sudbury Igneous Complex: Structural examination of a proposed impact melt-sheet. In: Large Meteorite Impacts and Planetary Evolution II (eds: B.O. Dressler and V.L. Sharpton): Boulder Colorado, Geological Society of America Special Paper 339, p. 399-418.

Cowan, E.J. and Schwerdtner, W.M., 1994, Fold origin of the Sudbury Basin, In: Proceedings of the Sudbury-Noril'sk Symposium (eds: P.C. Lightfoot and A.J. Naldrett). Onrario Geological Survey Special Volume 5, p. 45-55.

Cowan, E.J., 1993, Longitudinal fluvial drainage patterns within a foreland basin-fill: Permo-Triassic Sydney Basin. Australia. Sedimentary Geology 85, p. 557-577.

Cowan, E.J., 1991, The large-scale architecture of the fluvial Westwater Canyon Member, Morrison Formation (Jurassic), San Juan Basin, New Mexico. In: The three-dimensional facies architecture of terrigenous clastic sediments, and its implications for hydrocarbon discovery and recovery (edited by Miall, A. D. and Tyler, N.). SEPM (Society of Sedimentary Geologists) Concepts in Sedimentology and Paleontology 3, p. 80-93.
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