What is Orefind?

Orefind is a geological consulting company that represents the partnership of two successful structural geological consultants Dr Brett Davis and Dr Jun Cowan.  Our mission is to make a measurable, material difference to mineral exploration and mining projects through an integrated approach of data collection, modelling, and interpretation. We combine our more than 50 years of research, industry knowledge, and experience with ‘state of the art’ rapid 3D modelling and investigation methods so that our clients get the maximum benefit in the quickest time possible. From our home base in Perth, Western Australia, we service our clients across the globe. We combine our structural expertise with the analytical skills of our associate Dr Scott Halley (geochemist, also based in Perth).

Structural geology and geological modelling - our philosophy and approach

Our investigation of hundreds of mineral deposits shows that structural geometry represents the fundamental control on the flow of mineralising fluids and the deposition of mineralisation. However, there is a lack of recognition and/or documentation by exploration and mining personnel of the importance of structural geological features

Orefind investigates structural geological issues at all scales. We use observations and data from ongoing outcrop, core, and mine sources to progressively update an interactive 3D model that addresses the needs of exploration or mining optimisation. Findings from deposit-scale analysis and construction of 3D geological models are incorporated with prospect-, regional-, and core-scale relationships.

Why call us?

Our investigation approach is successful with both major and junior companies. Orefind delivers a high-quality 3D model of your deposit during the first week of investigation. You will see the benefits of our analysis in two to four weeks, not months. Our presence on-site allows ongoing incorporation of core-, mine-, and deposit-scale relationships into the model in real time. And while we're on-site, we can train your people using our popular workshops on field-based structural analysis and deposit-scale implicit 3D modelling techniques.

To find out how Orefind can help you, contact us at info@orefind.com.

Disclosure of interests

Orefind has the most experience in the world at using Leapfrog software and we use this software to resolve critical issues in the mineral resource industry.  Orefind does not receive any payment in commission or finders fees from the makers of Leapfrog software, or any other software company. We are completely independent consultants, which means that we can provide the best independent advice, free from any financial incentives.  

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Why Orefind?
Orefind's mission is to make a material difference to mining operations and exploration companies through the investigation of structural geology at all scales in the quickest possible time. Contact us to discuss how our approach can benefit your mining and exploration needs.
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