O Kvau Gold Deposit, Cambodia
28 May, 2014

Leapfrog is not a black box solution to ore deposit modelling.  But, driven correctly and with sufficient field data to control interpretation, it can be a very useful tool to help resolve complex 3-D geological problems.  Jun Cowan at Orefind is an expert user of Leapfrog and has helped us determine the principal controls on mineralisation at our Okvau gold deposit in eastern Cambodia.  These were not obvious at all and had eluded many geologists beforehand.  I can recommend Jun Cowan and Orefind to anyone that is grappling with a similar problem.

Nick Franey
Head of Exploration
Renaissance Minerals Ltd

Penjom Gold Mine, Malaysia
26 January, 2013

With 17 years of production history you would expect an open-pit mine to have revealed all of its secrets by now, not so at the Penjom Gold Mine in Malaysia where the working knowledge of its structural development and gold mineralisation drivers has remained a source of debate and contention until recently. We needed an improved resource model for better grade predictability at depth and a tool to assist exploration efforts along strike to add future near-surface resources. Enter OREFIND just before Christmas 2012, a very skilled geological duo (Dr Brett Davis & Dr Jun Cowan) who took all the data we could muster and in a matter of weeks produced by far the most comprehensive structural understanding of the mine to date. This is no mean achievement; the mine is complex but a combination of slick data modelling with the extremely versatile Leapfrog mining software and cross-correlation with its results by solid follow-up work in the pits has changed the whole picture. Throw in some training in basic structural geology for our junior (and senior) staff, additional training on Leapfrog and a short course on orogenic gold for good measure and we had some of the best consulting services I have ever encountered in such a short space of time. Hats off to the OREFIND team, a very professional and knowledgeable pair.

Colin J Davies
Corporate Vice President
New Business Development & Exploration
PT J Resources Nusantara

Syama Gold Mine, Mali
23 November 2012

A work colleague and I recently spent two very interesting days with Jun Cowan from Orefind discovering things about our own drilling data. It is both rewarding and almost mandatory to get professional advice at the beginning. What we had imagined would be a trivial exercise turned out to be very complex. We were introduced to some excellent tools in Leapfrog and were provided with good practical guidelines for structural geological modelling.

Richard Bray
Resource Geologist / IT Manager
Resolute Mining Limited

Fekola Gold Deposit, Mali

27 June 2012

Papillon Resources asked the advice of Orefind’s Jun Cowan to determine the likely geometry and possible extensions to Papillon’s flagship Fekola gold deposit in late 2011. So far Jun’s predicted ore geometry and grade continuity trends has been verified with ongoing drilling in 2012. Orefind’s technique of combining old-fashioned structural geological methods with modern techniques of implicit geological modelling has turned out to be a winning combination that benefited exploration at Fekola. I highly recommend the services of Orefind, and I hope to use them in new exploration ventures in the future.

Alan Campbell
Managing Director
Papillon Resources
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