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Jun Cowan
Dec 19, 2012

This snowman 3D sketch was drawn in 2008 using an old version of Leapfrog software, but the main features of Leapfrog has not changed much since then.

Fruta del Norte

The drillhole data being used to "model" the snow on the pine tree is the Fruta del Norte gold deposit in Ecuador, made famous by Aurelian Resources who placed the complete drillhole data table on their website for anyone to download and inspect. The intermediate sulphidation epithermal gold-silver deposit is now owned by Kinross.

The video illustrates an important point that virtually anything can be modelled from real geological data. In this case the snow geometry in the tree perfectly honours real gold grades from the drillhole data from the Fruta del Norte deposit!

Looking forward to posting some interesting topics and ideas in 2013. One discussion will be on the modelling of publicly accessible data, such as the data from Fruta del Norte, and exploration company announcement data available from the stock exchanges.
Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season.  - Jun and Brett

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